Before Your Exam…

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing another school related post because I loved writing the last one, (check it out here), Yes I did get this idea from the lovely Tash, I lovelovelove her blog so you guys should definitely check her out, because this totally isn’t my idea haha (HERE), although this isn’t my idea I have been doing exams since I was 12 years old and I did my GCSE’s last year, so I feel like I have some idea of what to do in preparation for your exam day- other than revising!

Firstly, let’s talk about the night before…


I have never been one to stay up for hours and hours at night and revise because personally, I think that having time to chill and relax your mind in the evening is SO important. I like to spend my evenings watching TV with my family, having a cup of tea and eating some popcorn! So pack all your books away, turn your light off and head downstairs to relax.


I know this sounds crazy, but when you’re in the shower or the bath, your mind is at rest because all you have to think about is washing- so have a long hot bath or shower to relax- relaxation is KEY.


I would only do this if I was so anxious and stressed about an exam that showering and watching TV couldn’t take my mind off it, but using meditation apps and calming music really helped! (especially if you suffer from anxiety). My favourite app is ‘headspace’– and it is just a relaxation step by step guide with a super friendly voice, and it definitely helped me put my mind to sleep. Calming music also helps- I’m not talking classical FM here, I mean chilled, house music. You can follow my Spotify playlist ‘chill’ HERE. Let me know if you listen!

Now, exam day…


I always do this, but I know loads of my friends that rush around in the morning just for an extra 10 minutes in bed! So I definitely recommend waking up earlier, this gives you time to leisurely get your stuff together and eat a good meal, which leads me onto my next tip…


Now, I have really struggled with eating in the mornings, and only recently have I been able to eat breakfast in the morning before school- but breakfast is KEY and I have definitely realised that now.  Some of my faves are: Avocado on Toast, Banana Smoothie, Yoghurt & Granola or Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (let me know if you guys want recipes!). Just remember that you need your fuel for your exam- even grabbing a banana on your way out the door will help!


Now, I know that lots of people like to quickly cram the whole specification into the 10 minutes that they have to wait outside the exam room for, out loud, just to stress the hell out of everyone. Now stand near the back, and try not to listen to them- you have revised and worked so hard and covered everything and you are going to nail it!

So that is it for all of my before exam tips! Try not to stress too much- although I know that it is easier said that done! Just revise as much as you can and do your best, because that is all anyone can ask of you! Good luck!




4 thoughts on “Before Your Exam…

  1. thoughtfultash says:

    Thank you for mentioning me- I love the post! I TOTALLY agree with staying away from people before, them speaking about their revision just freaks you out haha! xx

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