I’m A Coconut Queen?!

Hey guys and a very happy Wednesday to you all! I hope you are all having a lovely week so far after the very relaxing Bank Holiday we all had (thats if you are a UK gal). Mine was spent mainly on the sofa, watching Kardashians and planning out blogposts- I am so so inspired at the moment and can truly say that I am hooked on blogging right now, and am constantly desperate to post for you guys! Anyways, today I am bringing you a super exciting post, to announce that I am actually a Coconut Queen.


You are probably thinking, Liv- what the hell is a Coconut Queen?! Well gals, it is a Brand Ambassador for the lovely Coconut Lane London! Which I am so so excited about as I have been obsessed with Coconut Lane for the LONGEST time, and when they reached out I was absolutely buzzing!

Coconut Lane are an online store which sell a variety of items from chic homeware pieces, fashion accessories to phone cases and wall art! All have a really trendy and modern feel to them, with lots of Palm Leaves, Marble and relatable quotes! It is a dream for any millennial and honestly a shop full of must have pieces! I am obsessed!

At the moment, I have two prints, one coaster, one phone case and one laptop case and I can definitely say that I am loving this store! As far as quality goes, I can definitely say that Coconut Lane hit the spot- you can just tell that everything is so well made and amazing quality, along with looking adorable at the same time!

tempImageForSave 10

I think that it is a great store for gifting, as well as treating yourself because of the amazing variety, from cases to suitcases to wall art and homewares and fashion pieces- they have it all and every bit of it is trendy! I also LOVE this really cute quote card that came in the box ‘The 10 Commandments’ that are so true haha!

tempImageForSave 11

In conclusion, I adore Coconut Lane and would 100% recommend you guys check it out if you haven’t done so already- you will not be disappointed!

These are the products shown in this blogpost:

And if you guys are looking to check out some more of Coconut Lane and pick yourself up some cute ass stuff you can check out their site HERE! Also you can use my code ‘livvgracee20’ for 20% off your order! And definitely be sure to share on instagram and tag me if you guys end up getting anything-  I would love to see!

If you guys enjoyed my thoughts on Coconut Lane, please smash a like and comment and let me know if you want to get any Coconut Lane- I want to know! If you are a newbie I would love it if you could give me a follow- it means that the fam is growing, I would love to have you be a part of it! ALSO if you want to be involved in picking my next blogpost, hit up the gram @livv.gracee. ILY ILY ILY and I will see you all vv soon! Until next time…

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 14.51.57

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