Drinking Culture.

Hey everybody and happy FriYAY to you all! I hope you have all had a fab week whether that has been spent enjoying the last of your summer or you are back at school. Since I am starting at University next week, I am enjoying the last of my Summer by seeing as many friends as possible, chilling and of course- blogging for you guys! I announced on my Instagram ages ago that I wanted to start a ‘discussion series‘ where I give my opinions on a topic that I think needs to be brought to light and spoken about, and I ask you guys on my Insta-Stories to send in your questions and opinions about the topic and we discuss it on my blog. I felt that since I have a lot of people following my blog who are younger than me, I wanted to discuss the huge topic of alcohol

Why alcohol? Is the question you are probably asking right now. Well I think that for most people, alcohol is viewed as trendy and often something that many young people are desperate to do! Desperate to reach the age of 18 where they can legally buy and drink alcohol (in the UK anyways), however that doesn’t stop people from drinking earlier. Most people who are eighteen or older can definitely say that the first time they tried alcohol probably wasn’t when they were eighteen, and is often a lot younger. A study showed that teenage girls are starting to drink alcohol at the average age of thirteen. They found that today’s teenagers start drinking an average of two years younger than women who are now in their mid-twenties did, with most admitting that they had drunk alcohol by the age of 13 or 14. This is crazy to me, as this really does show that young people are desperate to start drinking- but why? Trendy? Cool? Funny? Or is it due to peer pressure?

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Personally, I definitely did drink before I turned eighteen, my parents didn’t mind if I drank, however I have never been much of a drinker. I love a cocktail and most alcoholic drinks, however I don’t feel that drinking is necessary to have a good time, and this is the issue that I think many young people have! You need to realise that yes, drinking does loosen you up and often make you more confident, however you don’t have to drink to have a good night. Also, I am personally not the biggest fan of getting super drunk, I like to be in control and happy and merry, and be able to remember the evening, not get so drunk that I spend most of the night over a toilet and forget everything!

Peer pressure as I mentioned earlier is also a huge issue today. Many teenagers feel like they have to drink to be ‘cool’ or liked by others- and this, in my opinion is wrong. I have definitely felt this peer pressure, even now at the age of 18, of people constantly asking why I don’t have a drink in my hand or why I’m only drinking water! This can make you feel s****y and often can result in you drinking when you don’t even want to! My biggest advice is to not give into the peer pressure! If you don’t want to drink- you don’t have to!

Now, lets hear about what you guys have to say about this topic, and I will give my opinions further!

“What age do you think is actually suitable to drink because people drink at 15!”

Personally I do think that starting to drink at the age of 15/16 is ok- I mean I did! I never drank huge amounts, but I definitely began to try different drinks and have Smirnoff Ice’s at house parties. But honestly, don’t drink until you feel comfortable doing so!

“I don’t think it’s necessary to be under the influence of alcohol to have fun x”

No, neither do I! And I think this mindset is something that many more people need to have! I would way rather not drink much, have a good night, remember it the next day and not have a hangover the next day! It is possible to have a fab night without being totally drunk!

“I feel pressured to go out with my friends at night and drink and I hate it!”

I feel like this becomes a big issue for a lot of people when they hit eighteen as some people are desperate to go out clubbing and drinking, whereas others aren’t as bothered or don’t have the money to go! If has become a huge part of society and culture for young people to go out to these crazy busy clubs and get totally smashed. But if you just aren’t into it, you don’t necessarily have to force yourself to go out- don’t stress about it!

“How do you deal with the pressures with drinking when you are way underage?”

Just don’t stress about it, drink when you feel happy to and don’t ever feel like you have to drink to fit in with the people around you. In my opinion, if you are in Year 8 and people are drinking, you are hanging out with the wrong people, you shouldn’t feel like alcohol is even a part of your life until you are 16!!!

“I’m 16 so I’m not allowed to drink yet, but lots of people in my year go to parties & drink loads!! I think it’s stupid and irresponsible as they’re only 16! It shouldn’t be necessary to drink to have fun at parties- just enjoy it.”

I do totally agree that it can seem crazy that people are drinking at 16, but that was when I started. Try not to panic, the only reason why so many people get so drunk so young is because they don’t know their limits and they don’t know what drinks they like and dislike, this results is chaos basically. I definitely think that it is irresponsible if they are drinking at a house party where there is no parents present, whereas if there is a parent in the house whilst the party is happening, it isn’t as bad, but don’t get me wrong it is still bad. I have been at house parties where parents come home to vomit in their garden and broken glass everywhere!

This blogpost is honestly one of the fattest blogposts I have written in a while, but I am so glad that I sat down and did this for you guys, to hopefully give you some advice and just to shed light on this matter! In conclusion, just don’t panic about drinking, drink when you feel happy to and never ever feel pressured to drink.

If you guys enjoyed my second instalment of my discussion series, please smash a like and comment some more of your opinions- keep the discussion going! If you are a newbie I would love it if you could give me a follow- it means that the fam is growing, I would love to have you be a part of it! ALSO if you want to be involved in my next discussion post, hit up the gram @livv.gracee. ILY ILY ILY and I will see you all vv soon! Until next time…

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16 thoughts on “Drinking Culture.

  1. I’m 19 and I think I had like the odd WKD when I was 16 but tbh the whole idea that it’s ‘cool’ is so stupid. Like so what you’re 13 and had a vodka??? Like it’s not even cool and I think it’s just ridiculous! Wait till you’re 18 and even then don’t feel pressured if it’s not for you!

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  2. This post was a fab read. I’m 15, don’t get invited to the house parties because I’m not popular enough for that 😂. But, I don’t actually like any of the alcohol I have ever tried and as I don’t go to parties I never feel pressured to drink and I’d rather have a coke to be honest. I totally agree as well that you don’t need a drink to have a good time and I don’t like the idea of being drunk and not in control. Xxx

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  3. I’m 17 and I have never had my own alcoholic drink, My parents have let me have sips of theirs but apart from that, I have never properly tried alcohol. I feel a bit embarrassed ngl as near enough everybody my age has tried alcohol and/or got absolutely hammered. The reason I’ve never been drawn to alcohol is purely down to my own choice – I want to feel safe and in control. I’ve been to parties before where ‘friends’ have laughed at me and almost bribed me into drinking, and made me feel like I’m ‘not having fun’, but I’m so so glad that I didn’t give in because it was humiliating watching them after they’d had a few bottles of beer! Lovely post – cannot wait to see more of these xx

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  4. thoughtfultash says:

    I LOVE this series! I completely agree with everything you’re saying in this post. I pretty much didn’t drink alcohol till I actually turned the legal age of 18- sure, a sip of my friends drink or a pina colada on holiday, but nothing proper since last year! Since being 13 I was always questioned (and pressured!) at parties why I wasn’t drinking and its honestly as I don’t need one to have a good time! I have the same amount of fun if I drink or not, so I might as well save my money?! LOL. As I’m now an ‘adult’ I just feel more comfortable drinking, even though I rarely do unless if its a trip to the local spoons, then I’ll DEFFO have a cheeky sex on the beach!😉 I think this post is so important- particularly to your younger followers; you shouldn’t drink if you don’t feel ready or uncomfortable about it, try in it SMALL amounts and drink DOES NOT equal a good time- just a banging headache the next day haha! -Tash xx

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  5. I never felt pressured to drink when I was younger as my friendship group didn’t actually drink or go out partying although, I can understand if you are in a crowd where people drink and go out, then they may get pressured into drinking.
    Sometimes my family do ask why don’t I have a drink or just try this drink but to be fair, I will drink when I want to and I will drink what I want.
    This is a good post, opening up about drinking & I like how people talk about it in the comments 🙂

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  6. I have a lot to say on this topic haha (I may actually do my own blog post on it, if that’s ok… of course, would be 100% credited to you!). My mum is very much against me trying alcohol at 14, and my dad is neutral on the topic. I know I probably won’t like most alcohol (and the stuff I have tried… which is not much(!!), wasn’t very nice), yet I still want to try and ‘feel the sensation of being tipsy.’ (I don’t actually want to start properly drinking btw haha). I think this is all because I have a friend who has got properly drunk before, and I guess in a way it’s a form of peer pressure, as I want to know what it’s like (even though from most accounts, feeling drunk isn’t the best feeling haha!). However, I know what’s sensible for me, so in a way am glad my mum refuses to let me even sip watered down wine on Christmas day!!

    Really interesting blog post Liv!
    Lexie x

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  7. sundrasi says:

    I’d love to have a mindset of “I don’t need a drink to have fun.” I’m that person who does. I even need a drink to give an important speech, I am thinking this is caused by something like insecurity. I am not myself without a drink. Not as fun and entertaining. Working on that though. :/ Great post.

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