My Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys and happy Wednesday! I hope you have all had a lovely week so far, mine has mainly been spent working, since I have just started my waitressing job, but I will always find time for blogging! Since yesterday was the first of December, I thought it was about time that I do my annual Christmas Wishlist! Now before I get into this I just want to say that I am in now way trying to brag, show off or be bratty about this, I just love doing these blogposts and it was very highly requested over on my Instagram.

Honestly, I haven’t really asked for much this Christmas, as firstly I am content with everything I have and don’t really feel like I need anything in particular. However, I did still ask for a few bits, and after all the DM’s I received when I asked for festive blog content, I thought I just had to do this post for you guys!

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  • Quiz ‘Berry Cross Over Palazzo Jumpsuit’

I spotted this on Quiz online and I would LOVE to wear this for New Years or any event coming up really. I love the cross over bardot top and the fit of it just looks lovely!

  • Ofra Highlighter ‘Glazed Donut’

This has literally been sold out for ages, so when I saw this on BeautyBay in stock I was BUZZING! This was from the NikkieTutorials range and OMG you guys the glow of this looks unreal!

  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

This is my faveeee concealer ever but I am nearly out so I would love a new one! I love how easy it is to blend and how creamy it is, the colour match is perfect for me too!

  • Champneys Bubble Heaven Gift Set

I have really been getting into a good bubble bath at the moment, so when I spotted that Champneys have brought out a gift set of bubble baths I just had to put this on my wishlist! It consists of three pots of bubble bath and looks so cute!

  • Soap & Glory The Mask Force 5 Gift Set

Again, I have really been getting into pampering myself a bit more, so I popped this cute Soap & Glory face mask set on my list as you get five face masks, which would last me for ages and would complete the perfect pamper night!

  • Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & Other Lies

I saw this book in WHSmith and I just loved the idea of this! The book is filled with short extracts of advice, life stories and general girl power written by girl bosses including Zoe Sugg, Kiera Knightley, Tanya Burr and many more! I just think that this would not only be a lovely, interesting read it would also look amazing in photos for the gram!

  • World Of Flowers Colouring Book

I have been really getting into colouring books at the moment, I just find them so relaxing and really enjoyable to do! I love Johanna Basford’s books, they are really easy to colour, yet super detailed and look really gorgeous when completed. I would love a new colouring book!

  • ABH Lipgloss ‘Dainty’

This year I have found a love for lip gloss and nowadays I rarely wear a liquid lipstick. I just love how light it feels on the lips and I think that it makes every makeup look incredible! I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses in particular, they are a bit thicker and provide a bit more pigment than other glosses, they are super creamy and smell insane!!

  • HP Sprocket

I would LOVE to have one of these as I do scrapbook regularly for milestones and fun times in my life. SO having one of these would make life WAY easier for me and just in general for printing photos to give to friends and family or put up in my room! They just look so cute and I love the idea that you can easily print off photos straight from your phone!

  • Stila Dazzle Glitter & Glow Shadow Set

I think these would be perfect for this time of year, the shimmer is just everything!! I have heard a lot of great things about these liquid eyeshadows and I think that this gift set where you get three minis would be perfect as you get to test out a few colours before buying a full-sized one.

  • Ocean’s 8 DVD

I saw this in the cinema with my best friend when it first came out and I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD ever since! I just loved the movie, and it had loads of my absolute favourite actresses in it! It is an insane thriller/comedy and honestly I would love to get this so I can watch it over and over again!


Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 14.52.23.png

I hope you guys enjoyed todays blogpost, it was hugely requested and I hope it gave you some inspo if you are struggling with ideas of what to ask for! Remember to hit up my Instagram @livv.gracee for some behind the scenes fun and if you enjoyed this blogpost I would love it if you could give this a like and comment what is at the top of your Christmas Wishlist- I would LOVE to know! ALSOO, if you are a newbie, I would love it if you could follow this blog so you get notified every time I post- it would mean so so much to me! ILY guys millions, and I appreciate you all so SO much!!!!! Until next time…

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