What To Buy Your Mum This Christmas

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! I hope you have all had an amazing week and I getting excited for Christmas! I know I am !! Before I begin, I wanted to MASSIVELY apologise for not posting last weekend, my new job has made blogging very difficult, but hopefully as time goes on I will get in the habit of planning blogposts further ahead and just being a bit more organised when it comes to blogging. Today I thought I would share another festive post, giving you guys tips on what to buy for your Mum this Christmas, but on a budget!

Ever since I shared some time lapses on my Instagram Story of me wrapping my mum’s presents, I have been getting SO many DM’s from you all asking me what I got my mum, and ideas of what to get your mum. But before I get into this post, this post is a Fat Christmas Collab with Tash from ThoughtfulTash, Libs from LifeOfLibs, Grace from GraceDoesBlogs, Soph from LoveSoph, Ella from ASprinkleOfEllaRose and Najida from LifeAsNajida. I am so excited as I rarely do collabs, as I like to collaborate with people that I genuinely like and get on with really well, and I really do love and appreciate all of these girls and you guys should definitely check them all out, I will leave their links at the end of todays post!

always get told that I am the best at present buying and sourcing. I just love picking out the perfect present and I always have a tonne of ideas and quirky, different presents. However, when you are younger and don’t have much money Christmas can be a challenge, you want to spoil your friends and family with gifts, but it just isn’t possible! Well today I am going to be giving my top present ideas on a budget to help all of you out!

savingPNG 7

  • Bath & Body Bits

I know this is such a basic idea, but a must for mums! I’m sure that the majority of mums would love to receive any sort of bubble bath, body butter or exfoliation kit. Boots is just a go-to for this kind of thing as their gift sets range from £5 to a lot more, so finding you mum the perfect gift set can be a breeze! However, be careful to not just get something for the sake of it, if your mum has an abundance of body butters, don’t bother to get her any more! Find something different, something more creative!

  • Face/Eye Masks

My mum has been obsessed with masks at the moment- being a busy mum can be tiring sometimes, so treating your mum to some eye masks or a nice face mask can complete a pamper night. My mum mainly likes eye masks, just because you can have them on and still be productive and it doesn’t make a tonne of mess. We love the Holler & Glow ones that you can find in Primark or the Garnier ones!

  • Candles

Both me and my mum are obsessed with candles at the moment! They make any room feel so cosy and let off the most incredible scent! my favourite place to get candles from is TKMaxx or HomeSense just because there is the biggest variety of scents and brands at really good prices, however Primark and other stores do some lovely ones too! Picking out a scent you know your mum will adore makes the gift that much more meaningful I think!

  • Chocolate

This is just the best gift hands down for any chocolate lover. You can get really lovely chocolatey sets from any supermarket or somewhere like B&M or you can be a bit more boujee and go to Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat- the chocolate is of a nicer quality, but still super affordable! Personally I love getting my mum Hotel Chocolat chocolates as the flavours are so different yet every one tastes insane!

  • Personalisation

Anything personalised makes the most amazing present! You could get something with an initial on it such as a mug, cup, phone case, candle. The best place to look for anything personalised is Ebay, NotOnTheHighStreet or Etsy, but some stores have initial bits in also. My mum loves anything with an A on it- so this is definitely a winner! Also you could make a nice photo-book or art piece, Etsy have loads of amazing things much like this.

  • Makeup/Makeup Tools

I know some mums are definitely more makeup-savvy than others, but I think that picking out a few of your fave makeup products or introducing your mum to a contour brush set or a beauty blender makes a really good gift. A few years ago I bought my mum a benefit set and now she swears by Boing concealer and Hello Flawless powder!

  • Hand & Nail Sets

My mum loves to have nice looking hands, nicely painted and nice and soft. Boots and online retailers such as Cult Beauty or Feel Unique do some amazing gift sets of nail polishes, nail files or a hand cream selection. My mum loves receiving a set of mini hand creams because they always get used! Minis are perfect to gift someone as they can put them in various handbags, the car or to take on holiday! Essie do some lovely nail polish gift sets where you get two gorgeous shades of nail polish or sometimes a classic polish and a glitter to do an accent nail!

  • Decor

My mum loves decorating the house seasonally to make it feel cosy and homey, so getting your mum blankets, artwork or even bunting to put on the windows could be a really lovely gift and often shows a lot of thought. TKMaxx or HomeSense do some lovely decor pieces.

  • Socks/Slippers

I know this is the most basic gift to get someone, but is always the perfect gift as it is something that you wouldn’t generally buy for yourself. You don’t have to get some really expensive, fancy slippers or socks, Primark do some really cute Ugg dupes and the cosiest of socks! This would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

  • Mugs

I don’t know about anyone else’s mums but mine is an avid tea drinker so a mug is the perfect gift! As I said earlier, you get one with an initial on it, or just one with a cute quote or design. I love to get my mugs from either TKMaxx, HomeSense or Starbucks.

  • Alcohol

I know this would be difficult for some of you to get if you are underage, but for those of you that can buy alcohol, it always makes a good gift (if your mum drinks). My mum loves a cheeky G&T or a nice wine! I have seen some really affordable gift sets in B&M or Wilko’s involving alcohol, and I just think they would make a really lovely gift!

  • Tech Accessories

Getting your mum a new phone, tablet or laptop case makes a really lovely present, as I don’t know about everyones mums but I feel like most mums buy one case and stick to it for literal years- and it is often quite a boring one! So going online and picking out some cute cases to vamp up their tech bits is a fab idea! I love to get my cases from Coconut Lane London, and if you want to get 20% off your order to save you some money at this time of year, you can use my code livvgracee20! Also CaseApp do some lovely cases too and again for 20% off use my code LIVVGRACEE20!


WOAH I swear this has been one of the FATTEST blogposts I have done in a while! But I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this for you guys and I hope I gave you some inspiration as to what to get for your mum this Christmas. I’m sure all of your gifts will be amazing!

As I said at the start of this post, this is actually a huge festive collab with my favourite blogging gals, Tash, Ella, Grace, Najida, Libs and Soph! They are all amazing gals so please do go and check out their posts- (which are all Christmas-related also) and show them some love!!! Simply tap on their names to get a direct link to their blogs!

  • Tash is going to be doing a Christmas In London photography post.
  • Ella is going to be doing a cosy night in essentials festive edition.
  • Grace is going to be chatting about her favourite Christmas movies.
  • Najida is going to be sharing with you some Winter wallpapers.
  • Libs is going to be showing you how to make the cutest Christmas place names!
  • Soph is doing a festive makeup essentials!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays blogpost, not only have I been getting loads of DM’s asking for gift inspiration but I have been wanting to do a collab on here for the longest time, and who better to do it with as my best blogging pals! 🙂 Remember to hit up my Instagram @livv.gracee for some behind the scenes fun and if you enjoyed this blogpost I would love it if you could give this a like and comment what you are getting your mum for Christmas- I would LOVE to know! ALSOO, if you are a newbie, I would love it if you could follow this blog so you get notified every time I post- it would mean so so much to me! ILY guys millions, and I appreciate you all so SO much!!!!! Until next time…

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14 thoughts on “What To Buy Your Mum This Christmas

  1. Loved this post Liv!! Your ideas are amazing – I’m awful at getting gifts, I don’t do them for my parents but I do with my brother and usually end up getting him a game gift card haha! Can’t wait for the collab x

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  2. gracedoesblogs says:

    absolutely loved this blog post liv! i’m actually really stuck as to what to buy my mum for christmas this year but this has given me some inspiration!! thanks for collabing!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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