Hello 2019

Hello everybody and welcome back to the blog or welcome if you are new! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas guys! Mine was spent chilling with my family, eating amazing food and watching my favourite movies! Perfect in my eyes! Sorry I have been MIA at the moment, I usually take a break from blogging and posting from Christmas to the new year. But I am back now and ready for the new year! Today I thought I would do another reflection style post where I round up 2018 and share with you all my goals for 2019. I did one last year (which you can read HERE if you are interested in that) I really enjoyed writing it and you guys really liked reading it and found it inspired some of you to reach your goals.

For me 2018 was a huge life changing year for me in many ways. It had its high highs and low lows, however all in all it taught me a lot about life, the world and me and my character and what I really want from life. Deep but very very true.


I was very lucky to travel to some incredible places this year; I started the year off in sunny Agadir Morrocco and later in the year I visited the beautiful city of Singapore which I absolutely adored and would love to return one day!  I spent time in Bali in an elephant sanctuary hotel and then in a stunning villa by the beach. I also went to Portugal with my family and my best friend and her family and had the most hilarious time where I got the most bronzed ever!! I then finished the year off in Marrakech Morrocco (one of my top holiday destinations) for a much needed reset and detox! Travelling is my absolute favourite thing to do and there is so many more places I would love to visit in 2019.

2018 was a massive year for me as I passed my driving test after a lot of hard work (and no I didn’t pass first time so when I finally passed in February I was so happy I burst out in tears before driving home in my perfect little Fiat 500. I also turned eighteen which is crazy and means that I am an adult now (eek) and can legally drink!! I completed my A-Level’s and finished and left my school of seven years and my closest friends. I had an incredible prom with my girls and speech day at my school where I managed to win the Spanish Award ( lol what ) and said goodbye to a place very close to me. 


This year in particular has made me realise (yes I know it’s cheesy) who my real friends are and who I need to keep close and keep in my life. As you get older you realise more that the quality of friends is much more important than the quantity. As Pinterest beautifully states “RADIATE POSITIVITY AND STAY CLOSE TO PEOPLE THAT FEEL LIKE SUNSHINE”  I’m not going to sit here and list my favourite people because you know who you are but I love and appreciate you all a lot and you really did make my year!


As I said at the start of this post, 2018 has had its highs and lows- as I’m sure yours has too! I’m not going to go into the lows as I want this to be a real positive post, however these lows of the year have taught me many things like my happiness is the most important thing, honesty and trust is everything, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and to love your body! I think these are amazing lessons to have learnt and I’m so lucky to have learnt them this year.

I am now closing the year off in Marrakech and am currently sat in the sun on a lounger writing this post for you guys on my last day of my holiday. I have had an amazing time with some amazing people, enjoyed the sun, alcohol, food and just generally relaxing: listening to podcasts and audiobooks and daily naps by the pool! I love jetting off for a bit of winter sun! It makes the winter that much more bearable and is a really lovely way to ring in the new year!


I’m not one to set a tonne of goals for a New Year as I think it puts a lot of pressure on your year and most people don’t reach their goals anyway! However last year I shared with you all my goals for the year and you all loved it as you felt it inspired you to set yourself some goals!

Healthy Lifestyle

I know that this is such a basic goal for a new year but one that I definitely want to take seriously this year. Eating as healthy as possible, exercising more often and getting enough sleep and trying to squeeze in some meditation!

Blog More

I definitely want to put a tonne more effort into my blog in the new year, meaning many more photo shoots and different posts to keep my blog as varied and as interesting as possible for you guys.

Go Self Hosted

This will 100% this year you guys! I have seen many of my blogger friends go self hosted recently and I feel like it just makes your blog so much professional and I can have a theme that I adore! Investing some money into my passion will bring me so much happiness.

Re-Vamp Instagram

Again Olivia Grace related but I would love to re vamp my Instagram because although I adore my current theme, it has been the same for around 4 years! I want to make it more blogger-esque, so more of me and my style and one that shows a bit more of my personality!

Save Up

Since I have now got a job, I now have a constant income and with this comes responsibility as obviously I don’t want to blow one months wages in a week on random crap! No I’m not going to force myself to not buy anything and will definitely treat myself but I am going to try to make a conscious effort to save at least some of my wages each month.


Wow, that was a LONG post, however one that I really enjoyed writing, as I do every year. It is really lovely to reflect on the past year and plan the year ahead! I do hope that you guys found this post enjoyable and hopefully it inspired you to set yourself a few goals for the new year! If you did enjoy this post please do be sure to like this and comment below your goals for the new year! I would love to know! Let’s motivate each other! If you want to be involved in choosing future blogposts or to just see my daily life be sure to follow my Instagram which is @livv.gracee and if you are a newbie and don’t already follow this blog be sure to follow me! To those of you that have been with me for this year I want to say a HUGE thank you! You all mean so so much to me and thank you for being so lovely and supportive! Here’s to 2019!

Until next time…

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 14.51.57

18 thoughts on “Hello 2019

  1. Loved this post Liv & I love your goals – so excited to see what direction your blog is headed in! And can totally relate with the saving money thing, I really want to have a savings account which has a decent amount of money in by the end of this year. Having a weekly wage from waitressing is always so tempting to just buy little bits here & there, and then it’s like ‘whoops, I’ve just blown £50’😂x

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  2. gracedoesblogs says:

    loved this blog post liv, as I always do! I am so excited for your instagram re-vamp and to see your blog become self hosted! you can achieve so much this year, and I really believe in you! Grace xxx

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  3. Loved the photos from this and so glad you’ve come out of the year on top! When I got my first job I opened a seperate account to put some savings into so that it wasn’t even visible in my bank account so I couldn’t see it and be like oh I can treat myself to more things!

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  4. I hope you have a wonderful year! I definitely neglected my blog a little bit this year with focusing on A-levels and then starting uni, but like you I want to put more effort into it. I LOVE writing and I really want 2019 to be the year that I see my blog grow. I started off the year hitting 17,000 hits which is so insane to me and I can’t wait to write the best content this year. I hope you’re able to grow and expand your blog this year ❤️

    Chelle | http://www.chellebelle2016.blogspot.co.uk

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