Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

Hey guys welcome back to the blog! I hope you are all having a lovely week so far, mine certainly has been! I spent the day with my mum and brother on Monday and then got my nails done and saw my boyfriend yesterday 🙂 What have you been up to?! Since you guys are all still on school/uni holidays I thought I would share with you all a post this week all about Cleaning. Yes you read that correctly, cleaning! I know it isn’t really my thing as I am always talking about makeup or style but I thought I would switch it up and share with you guys some motivation and advice to do some spring cleaning!

With the huge increase of cleaning on social media with influencers like Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo showing the average person how to love cleaning and how to live a happy and tidy life, everyone wants to get involved and probably already has their drawers folded perfectly and owns a bottle of Zoflora or a Dave!

I have always been the biggest neat freak and love to keep my bedroom always looking tidy and organised, as the saying goes “tidy room, tidy mind” and I 100% believe in that! if my room starts to get messy, it genuinely stresses me out! I can’t deal with clutter and having a disorganised space where it takes you ages to find anything underneath all of the crap! So today I thought I would share with you the importance of Spring Cleaning,  my top tricks to making the process easy and how to motivate yourself to do it!

“a complete cleaning of a place, as a home, done traditionally in the spring of the year”

For me, Spring Cleaning consists of a full de-clutter, deep clean and reorganise of your stuff, obviously if you have a house/apartment then this would involve the whole space, however if you are only young, this consists of your bedroom/bathroom.

I always start with what you can see and then go deeper and deeper. So firstly, the basic things such as changing the bedsheets, dusting and wiping down surfaces, cleaning mirrors and hoovering. But what I have been doing this Spring to up my game has been going deeper into every single drawer. Yes I am proud to say that my whole room has been completely de-cluttered and organised (LOL).

The first thing, and the most important thing is to make the bed look presentable, because making the bed look beautiful and put together makes the room look instantly better! This involves changing the sheets and making it nicely or even adding some new throw pillows or blankets.

After watching only one episode of the Marie Kondo cleaning series on Netflix, I decided to do a full wardrobe and drawers de-clutter of all of my clothes. She preaches that unless the item brings you joy, get rid of it! Now this is easier said than done because socks don’t necessarily bring me joy and some things you just need to keep whether it brings you joy or not, so I went down the route of “Do I wear this/have I worn this often recently?” This has been so so helpful in clearing out my closet as it shows me that I buy some things out of impulse and never wear them! I got rid of some things that still had the tag in! Crazy! Marie Kondo’s signature thing is her folding. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to do it! Now i’m not even going to try to explain how to do it, but essentially you are making the clothes stand upright instead of being stacked on top of each other, this has honestly changed my life!


It not only makes the clothes way more accessible, it makes you wear the clothes more and actually rotate around the ones you use, otherwise you will end up wearing the same pair of black jeans instead of rotating around your 7 pairs!! I have literally done this with all of my drawers and it has made my life so much easier and more organised and I would totally recommend it to you all to try out!

Also the wardrobe is a big clutter-hoarder girls. Now this is a big job, so reserve a day and a banging playlist for this because if you hoard clothes, shoes, bags and other items like me, you will have a big job on your hands! Not only did I sort through all of the boxes of bags, tights, and shoes in my closet I also did all of the clothes and chucked the ones I didn’t like/wear anymore and reorganised them! Now it is totally up to you how you organise your clothes, as I know some people like to do it by colour, personally this never worked for me, so I like to do it by style of clothing, so I have playsuits, going into summery clothes, then plain t-shirts, graphic tees, crop tops, cropped long-sleeved tops, cropped jumpers, knitwear, sweatshirts, going out clothes, jackets. I like to transition my clothes if you couldn’t already tell!

Spring cleaning isn’t only de-cluttering, it is also about making the space smell and look amazing, this includes things like popping a vase of flowers on your dresser: these don’t even have to be expensive flowers, a bunch of daffodils is only £1 and they add a pop of colour and bring Spring into the room! Also adding a new candle can add a lot to the room as well! I love either aromatherapy candles which contain lavender or fresh fruity or cotton scents. A new candle can change the room massively!


The biggest question I get asked is how to get motivated to de-clutter. My biggest tip would be to listen to something whilst de-cluttering, whether that be a podcast, music or audiobook, all do the job at making the job slightly easier! I have been loving Pretty Basic Podcast the most at the moment as I find it such an easy listen and it is just a really nice girly chats podcast and I would totally recommend it to you all! But I believe in you guys! Go for it and tackle that de-cluttering!!! You can do it ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed todays blogpost, I know it was a bit different, but one I have had planned for the longest time! Remember to hit up my Instagram @livv.gracee for some behind the scenes fun and to be involved in choosing my next blogpost! If you enjoyed this blogpost I would love it if you could give this a like and comment if you are going to be getting up to any spring cleaning- I would love to know! ALSOO, if you are a newbie, I would love it if you could follow this blog so you get notified every time I post- it would mean so so much to me! I post every weekend! ILY guys millions, and I appreciate you all so SO much!!!!! Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

  1. gracedoesblogs says:

    loved this blog post liv; it’s right up my street! I am obsessed with decluttering! I also totally agree that a clean room relieves stress! nice to have you back xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thoughtfultash says:

    I totally agree with this!! I feel like a whole new person after decluttering my room. You’re room is gorgeous too, loved the post as always liv xx

    Liked by 1 person

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