The Hair Products You Need To Try

Hey guys happy Saturday to you all, I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend so far and enjoying the beaut weather we are all experiencing at the moment! My week has been spent working and seeing my boyfriend and enjoying the sun! I LOVE warmer weather and I’m so excited for Summer to roll around!! 🙂 But today I thought I would bring you a hair post because I never normally share hair products with you all, but I love to find new things to try out on my hair and I thought it would be super helpful for you guys!

Now I have long, thick light brown hair and have always tried out as many products as possible to ensure that my hair always looks shiny, clean and healthy and I feel like I have finally cracked it, and have a few products to share with you that I have been LOVING at the moment!! I know I don’t normally share things about my hair on here, so I am BUZZING to be doing a whole post dedicated to hair care (YES THENNN).


OGX Coconut Oil Spray

I bought this because I felt that my hair began to look a little dry a few months back and I wanted to get something I could spritz into dry or wet hair to add a nice natural shine, so I stumbled across this beauty! I LOVE anything coconut scented so that jumped out to me firstly and I love that it adds the most beaut shine to the hair and a delish scent! 2 in one YEAHHHH 🙂 110% recommend this product!

L’Oreal Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream

As soon as I saw that L’Oreal brought out a whole range of products for the long haired gals I knew I had to jump on the hype ASAPPPP! Since I have quite a sensitive scalp, I have to be careful with what products I am using on my hair and sadly L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner is one that really irritates my scalp, so when I saw that L’Oreal brought this ‘no haircut cream’ out I was BUZZING, because it meant that I could utilise this new range and it doesn’t even need to go near my scalp. I simply massage this into the ends of my hair in the shower after conditioner, leave to sit for a bit whilst I shave or wash my face and then rinse out. It leaves my hair looking SUPER healthy and shiny- LOVEEE!

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo

Again, because of my irritable scalp, finding a more natural dry shampoo proved to be difficult, so when I saw a Herbal Essences one, its fair to say I was gassed. I love the clean, plain scent to it and that it doesn’t leave white marks all over your hair. It removes the greasy appearance, adds volume and generally freshens up the appearance of the hair. It is also super affordable, so well worth the try! I much prefer this to Batiste.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Heat Protection Milk ‘Oat’

This is a newer favourite of mine as I have been on the hunt for a heat protection spray for the longest time and I have been loving this one! I spotted this whilst on the hunt for any moisturising hair products and when I saw that it was a heat protection spray it drew me to it even more! I love the smell of this and how soft it makes the hair. Would highly recommend this guys!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays blogpost, I know it was a bit different, and I don’t always do blogposts or share products to do with my hair, but I thought it would be fun!  Remember to hit up my Instagram @livv.gracee for some behind the scenes fun and to be involved in choosing my next blogpost! If you enjoyed this blogpost I would love it if you could give this a like and comment what your fave hair product is- I would love to know! ALSOO, if you are a newbie, I would love it if you could follow this blog so you get notified every time I post- it would mean so so much to me! I post every weekend! ILY guys millions, and I appreciate you all so SO much!!!!! Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “The Hair Products You Need To Try

  1. gracedoesblogs says:

    such goof reviews liv! I’ve wanted to check out the ‘No Haircut Cream’ for a long time now so I might have to pick that up soon! x


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