Spring Update: My Life, Mental Health and Future Plans!

HEY BEAUTS! Happy Wednesday to you all 🙂 I hope you are all having a lovely day and week so far- half term for some of you I believe! So whether you have been busy revising, chilling or seeing friends I hope you have had a lovely day 🙂 Mine has been spent out shopping with my mum followed my a WAGAMAMA’S (my fave), and will end by going out with my boyfriend tonight 🙂 A couple days off spent well ! But today I thought I would bring you a bit more of a reflective, update, goals kind of post that I try to do semi-regularly on here and I thought that I was due one as I haven’t done one in AGESSS and they are one of my fave posts to do! So if you enjoy a long, rambly, catchup post, keep reading!


Woah so last time I did this it was early February and I spoke about how I was in a much better place mental health wise and how I dislike my Waitressing job (LOL). I have many a update to give you guys it is fair to say.

I can fully say that I am feeling the happiest within myself that I have been in a long time, yeah there is constant family shit occurring like a rainy day that never ends and my anxiety is still a bit rocky but I feel amazingly body confident and mentally strong. I enjoy my job, and yes it is only waitressing and only temporary, but I have met the most amazing people there, some of which I would call my best friends, I get on well with my managers and I met my boyfriend there 🙂 Yes slipped that HUGE update in there, I officially have a boyfriend and have done for the last 3 months (woah that has flown by!) But he makes me a very happy girl and I think has boosted my confidence massively, both body confidence and confidence in general, and for that I am so appreciative! But my job has honestly done me the world of good, and I think that everyone needs to work in hospitality! It teaches you so so much!! Patience for one- patience for those customers that make you want to rip your hair out or hysterically cry and patience for those co-workers who need to take a chill pill! It has grown my confidence and communication skills, because when I first started I felt so embarrassed all the time! Reading out the specials, taking orders, hosting or even answering questions, but now my confidence has grown massively and honestly I couldn’t be happier that I started working there!

Mental health wise, it honestly is still a bit rocky and when I was first dating my boyfriend it really spiralled a bit again and I was back to feeling anxious all the time (which was shitty). I am still trying to work on it and hopefully should be dropping some hours at work soon in order to really work on it and work on what my future holds (which i’ll speak about more later in this post). But although my boyfriend is at work, I get on with everyone there and I generally enjoy it, it still isn’t the best for my mental health, which is why I want to drop the hours honestly. I often leave feeling overwhelmed and exhausted after a busy shift, whether that be from wanting to slap a co-worker or having a few rude customers, it can leave me feeling vile and the two days off that I do have are spent either with my boyfriend or with my best friend or frantically searching for jobs or running errands. It is just a struggle finding a balance at the moment.

summa 2

Balance has been a huge issue for me in this year off I have evidently taken. As this wasn’t a planned year off, I am just playing every day, week and month by ear, and have been doing so since September, at the moment I am struggling to find a balance to do everything that I want to do in this ‘Wellness Year’ I have taken. This year was meant to be a year of working out, seeing friends, earning some money, meeting new people. loving and living my life to its fullest potential, blogging and Youtubing- doing what I love to do! But at the moment I am finding myself stuck. Working my booty off, seeing the rewards, online shopping, seeing my best friend and seeing my boyfriend. It has been this way for months now and I am bored and exhausted of the same routine and grind. I want to switch things up, do something where I can utilise my potential, start my career in Digital/Social Media Marketing!

But it is honestly so bizarre to not be revising, having daily anxiety breakdowns and stressing out at this time of year, as for the past 6 or 7 years of my life I have been having to revise for exams and it is honestly so freeing not being in the education system anymore and I would recommend that everyone takes a gap year! It has worked wonders on me and I don’t know how people can be ready for uni at 18!

I don’t want this post to be a long moany post that no-one reads, and if they do read it hate it, so I thought I would finish off this post with a list of my favourite things to do in my spare time at the moment  (we all know I LOVEEE a list!).

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 16.45.16

  1. Blogging/Instagramming: Now this is an obvious one, and one I had to include at the top of this list! I adore spilling my thoughts out onto my computer screen, communicating with brands, and managing my social media platforms to reach their full potential by creating amazing content!
  2. Drinking Gin Cocktails: Since turning 18 I have been OBSESSED with gin! I love a good flavoured gin with tonic or ginger ale and a nice chunk of fruit in it! The best way to drink is in the sunshine in a pub garden with my boyfriend or mummy!
  3. Lunch Dates: I love going on cute little lunch dates to the pretty cafes and restaurants that are in my area. Getting a toastie or Mac n Cheese with a mocktail or mocha, having the best conversations and snacking on the yummiest food- lunch dates are the best!
  4. Fashion: I have massively got into fashion at the moment and love browsing shops at the moment, both online and in person and am trying to up my style a bit more by adding more dresses, more colour and different styles, and I’m loving it!


I hope you guys enjoyed todays blogpost, I know it was a bit different, and I don’t do these too regularly, but these are some of my favourite posts to write and compile and I know it was a bit word vomit (sorry about that LOL) ! Remember to hit up my Instagram @livv.gracee for some behind the scenes fun and to be involved in choosing my next blogpost! If you enjoyed this blogpost I would love it if you could give this a like and comment what your fave hair product is- I would love to know! ALSOO, if you are a newbie, I would love it if you could follow this blog so you get notified every time I post- it would mean so so much to me! I post every weekend! ILY guys millions, and I appreciate you all so SO much!!!!! Until next time…

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 16.46.01




One thought on “Spring Update: My Life, Mental Health and Future Plans!

  1. gracedoesblogs says:

    I loved this blog post liv! I am so glad two hear that you are happy and in loveee! these ramble posts of yours are my faves! xxx


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