How To Get Out Of A Blogger Funk

Hello everybody and welcome back to the blog! I hope you have all had a lovely week and weekend so far! Sadly mine will be spent working *sigh*, but I have had a lovely few days off work spent blogging, seeing friends and spending time with my boyfriend! (so I feel like that makes up for an exhausting weekend spent working). Sorry it has been a while since a blogpost, but hopefully this post will clear that up for you all. Today I am going to chat to you about how I have been in a blogger funk and my advice of how to get out of it! Continue reading

My Top Tips For Budding Bloggers: Q&A

Hello everybody and happy Wednesday! I hope you have all had an amazing week so far! Today I am bringing you another Blogger Tips post, where I share my top tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way to becoming a blogger! I really wanted to continue this series as I am constantly receiving DM’s from you guys asking advice on how to grow and create successful social media platforms and a blog. So I decided to ask you guys on my Instagram (@livv.gracee) for any questions that you may have regarding blogging and instagramming!

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The Apps That Every Instagrammer Needs

Hey guys and happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well and have had a super productive and fab week so far! I always get a tonne of questions on my Instagram, (which is @livv.gracee if you didn’t know)  regarding photo editing, how to create a blog, how I blog, how to grow followers and how to be a productive blogger, so I decided to do more blog and Instagram tips blogposts, I really want to do a Q&A at some point, but for now I am going to be sharing with you the apps that you need if you are an instagrammer, or if you want to be a instagrammer.  Continue reading