Melting Your Makeup Off?! Pixi First Impressions Review

Hello angels! Happy Tuesday to you all 🙂 I hope you have all had a fabulous day whatever you have been doing! Since mine has been a day off work, it has been so so chilled, lazing on the sofa, job hunting, blogging and doing a YouTube graphics re-launch (which I am beyond excited for!!). But today I thought I would bring you a beauty-related post because I feel like I haven’t done one in the longest time and beauty is my number passion, I love discovering new products and then sharing them with you guys! So today I am going to be chatting to you about this amazing product I recently discovered which melts your makeup off – Yes you read that right! Continue reading

Glossier First Impressions: Worth The Hype?

Hey gals happy Saturday and welcome back to the blog! I hope you have all had a lovely week, even though it has flown by! I can’t believe it’s Saturday already guys! My weekend is going to be spent working, but I really wanted to get this blogpost out for you guys because I have been meaning to do it for ages! A few weeks ago I decided to cave and make an order on Glossier after eyeing up their products for the longest time. Since the hype around them is so big, I thought I would share with you guys my honest opinions on the products that I purchased! Continue reading

My Skincare Essentials

HEY GALS! Happy FriYAY and welcome back to the blog! I hope you have all had an amazing week and are looking forward to the weekend! This week has been super chilled for me as I managed to catch some sort of sick bug at the start of the week, so spent Monday to Wednesday on the sofa watching endless amounts of TV! But I am feeling much better now and I am super excited to be bringing you a skincare blogpost! This has probably been my most requested blogpost ever as I constantly get DM’s or comments from you asking asking about the secret behind my ‘perfect skin’. Continue reading

Current Favourites

Hey guys, happy FriYAY and welcome back to the blog! Sorry I have been a bit absent from here recently, I have been going through a bit of a tough time, but I am trying to get back to consistently sharing my thoughts for you guys because I miss it a tonne and you guys seem to miss it too! I thought the best way to make my return to blogging was to share with you guys what I am obsessed with at the moment, from beauty to fashion to TV shows and music. So if you are interested in what I am currently loving, keep reading! Continue reading

I’m A Coconut Queen?!

Hey guys and a very happy Wednesday to you all! I hope you are all having a lovely week so far after the very relaxing Bank Holiday we all had (thats if you are a UK gal). Mine was spent mainly on the sofa, watching Kardashians and planning out blogposts- I am so so inspired at the moment and can truly say that I am hooked on blogging right now, and am constantly desperate to post for you guys! Anyways, today I am bringing you a super exciting post, to announce that I am actually a Coconut Queen. Continue reading