5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Sixth Form

Hey guys, happy Sunday and welcome back to the blog! I hope you have all had a lovely day, but today I am back with another #backtoschoolwithliv post, since you guys have been loving my Back To School Posts so far! So today’s post is super exciting as it is in collaboration with the lovely Soph from ‘Love, Soph‘ which you guys can check out HERE ! I am so buzzing because I have loved Soph’s blog for ages and I feel so honoured to be collating with her- if you don’t already read Soph definitely go and show her blog some love! Today I am going to be sharing with you ‘5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Sixth Form’ and then Soph is going to be doing ‘5 Things I Wish I Knew Before GCSE’s’ so you guys will be covered on advice on both GCSE’s and A-Level’s! Continue reading

School Q&A: GCSE’s, A-Level’s & Revision!

Hey guys and happy Saturday! I hope you have all had a lovely week- mine has been spent suffering with a cold whilst trying to hand in my EPQ, revise for a Geography and Spanish test and write 2 Psychology essays! So a very stressful and long week and I am buzzing for it to finally be the weekend and mothers day tomorrow! I am SO excited to treat my Mummy :). Last week I asked out on my Instagram for you guys to DM me questions about GCSE’s, A-Level’s, Sixth-Form, High-School and Revision for a huge jam-packed Q&A, and as I constantly get questions about my organisation, revision and A-Level/GCSE options I thought it would be a great blogpost to do to hopefully help some of you guys out!  Continue reading

My Top Tips For School Organisation!

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! I hope you had a fab week! Mine, again was super busy because we have ‘House Music’ next Thursday and since i’m deputy head of house- there is a lot to do! Also I am nearly finished my personal statement, which I am SUPER proud of 🙂 Anyways, right now I am sat on my cosy bed, listening to some Spotify (follow me HERE) and I thought I would chat you through my organisation tips! Continue reading

Sixth Form Lookbook: A Week In Outfits!

Hey everybody and happy FriYAY! I hope you have all had a fab week and are ready for the weekend (aaahhh), I have had a jam-packed week filled with house meetings, tests and essays! But today I am bringing you a fashion related post- which I haven’t done in ages! I really enjoyed preparing for this post, as it took me all week, although it made me late a few times it was all worth it! In this post, I chat you through what I wore this week to sixth form! We don’t have to wear a uniform, just business attire. Enjoy! Continue reading