Spring Update: My Life, Mental Health and Future Plans!

HEY BEAUTS! Happy Wednesday to you all 🙂 I hope you are all having a lovely day and week so far- half term for some of you I believe! So whether you have been busy revising, chilling or seeing friends I hope you have had a lovely day 🙂 Mine has been spent out shopping with my mum followed my a WAGAMAMA’S (my fave), and will end by going out with my boyfriend tonight 🙂 A couple days off spent well ! But today I thought I would bring you a bit more of a reflective, update, goals kind of post that I try to do semi-regularly on here and I thought that I was due one as I haven’t done one in AGESSS and they are one of my fave posts to do! So if you enjoy a long, rambly, catchup post, keep reading! Continue reading

Life Update

Hey guys and happy FriYAY! I hope you have all had a fab week- I certainly have! Today I thought I would do a little life update as I have been very distant from my blog over the last few months because of my A-Level’s- which have been an absolute nightmare let me just say, but they are over now! Which is the biggest relief ever, but anyways lets get into this 🙂 Continue reading